• 04/2019

    Channelling reality and fiction


    Fernando Sorolla

    The Villarroel once again plays host to Titzina, the company formed by Diego Lorca and Pako Merino, and together we visit The Pit. This show maintains strong social commitment and in line with...
  • 04/2019

    La Zanja: colonialism yesterday and today

    El periódico

    José Carlos Sorribes

    The Titzina company returns to the Villarroel with another example of its thought-provoking social theatre. La Zanja builds a bridge between the past and the present against a backdrop of the...
  • 04/2019

    Touring like crazy

    El Pais

    Marcos Ordóñez

    La Zanja is the latest play by Pako Merino and Diego Lorca with the Titzina company, who return to the Villarroel with another example of thought-provoking social theatre. La Zanja builds a...
  • 04/2019

    Essay on historical memory


    Oriol Osan

    Pako Merino and Diego Lorca are back in Barcelona again to present La Zanja, their long-awaited latest work. It is a tragicomedy paying tribute to our ancestors about the way the cycle of life...
  • 04/2019

    A story worth hearing


    Iolanda G. Madariaga

    Blown away once again by Titzina. Blown away by how they can say so much with so little. You need to see La Zanja to find out once again that there’s room for everything in that box we call a...
  • 04/2019

    The eternal drama of an encounter between two worlds

    El Pais

    Toni Polo Bettonica

    La Zanja, Titzina Teatro’s fifth production, submerges us in the tragic magical realism of the conquest of the Americas, both 500 years ago and today.
  • 04/2019

    The same today as yesterday

    Santi Fondevila

    The relationship between Francisco Pizarro’s conquest and exploitation by multinationals in the lands of indigenous peoples in South America may seem a distant one, but it has a common element...
  • 04/2018

    Searching for gold

    Heraldo de Aragón

    Joaquin Melguizo

    According to Titzina, “History is the inheritance of the action of one man against another and its consequences for the group.” This is the theme of La Zanja. History. How we inherit the actions...
  • 02/2018

    Atahualpa and gold

    Diario de Mallorca

    Rafa Gallego

    U dialectic duel between ancestral philosophy and market logic. A Spanish manager – one of those negotiators without too many scruples – from a mining multinational battling for gold and to win...
  • 10/2016

    Conjunction of the stars

    Diario de Cádiz

    A play strongly recommended for lovers of stage writing, as the thread of the story fully absorbs you from beginning to end. Full of laughter and tears for an hour and a half (which passes...
  • 01/2016

    The expressive force of theatre

    Heraldo de Aragón

    Joaquín Melguizo

    How do we find happiness? What circumstances can end up imposing unhappiness instead? How do we reach the conclusion that we’re not needed? These are some of the questions that assail us while...
  • 06/2015

    Simple doesn’t mean easy

    El País

    Toni Polo

    It turns out that this creative play shows, in itself, that simple works and that “simple doesn’t mean easy”. There is no doubting the hard work there is behind each Titzina play
  • 11/2013

    Tremendous Titzina

    El Diario Vasco

    Roberto Herrero

    Excited as I was about going to see Titzina’s latest show, there was a fear of disappointment, as it is hard to maintain standards when you have achieved such high quality with your three...
  • 10/2011

    Pure theatre. Better late...

    El País

    Marcos Ordoñez

    Diego Lorca and Pako Merino (or Titzina Teatro as they are otherwise known) have triumphed all over Spain with Exitus, a tragicomedy about death which is a hymn to life: talent and humour...
  • 09/2011

    Exquisitely comic

    La Vanguardia

    Joan Anton Benach

    This demonstrates the quality of the actors as sharp script writers, responsible for original rhyming texts that exude elegance and good taste.
  • 03/2011

    The custom of dying


    Juan Ignacio García Garzón

    Diego and Pako, authors, directors and performers formed at the Jacques Lecoq school, do a perfectly calculated and entertaining job with great lightness of touch and elegance of form. All the...
  • 02/2011

    Dying to live

    El Pais

    Javier Vallejo

    EExitus, a laboriously constructed impressionist satire combining a light touch with a cutting edge. It taps into an ancestral way of looking at death as being perfectly symmetrical with life,...
  • 03/2009

    Unrecognisable mirrors

    El Diario Vasco

    Roberto Herreros

    Titzina’s plays have a personal stamp that makes them stand out. The company’s own style – a complicated blend of drama, humour, poetry and simplicity – runs through their work. In Exitus, the...
  • 09/2007

    Questions from the gut

    El Mundo

    Maria Martínez

    The company deal with a tragic issue with sympathy and humour. Much of the piece consists of entertaining sketches making the spectators laugh right from the beginning of the performance. The...
  • 02/2007

    Being forgotten

    Heraldo de Aragón

    Joaquin Melguizo

    The staging develops a highly dynamic treatment of the text, providing the show with good rhythm and setting up the many transitions in three scenes in an intelligent, flexible way. The...
  • 09/2006

    The call for historical memory comes to Tàrrega

    La Vanguardia

    Perhaps the best show at the Tàrrega Fair because of its commitment to our society and splendid dramatic structure and because of the work of the performers. Titzina know what they want to say...
  • 03/2006

    Memories of the war

    El Periódico

    Antonio José Navarro

    Titzina take their creative work very seriously: the difficult thing about good theatre is not saying something, it’s saying exactly what you want to say. That doesn’t mean having just any...
  • 04/2004

    Thresholds of reason

    El Norte de Castilla

    J.A.Gómez Municio

    They bring a radically contemporary vocabulary to the stage, touching humour and drama in equal measure without ever falling for the obvious or the cryptic
  • 01/2004

    Going like crazy

    Diari de Mallorca

    Merino and Lorca, who each take on different roles, manage to make the madmen they play perfectly credible and funny, without ridiculing them, with their capacity for nuanced characterisation...
  • 10/2003

    Humour and tenderness

    El Correo

    Mikel Bilbao

    The technical perfection of the show deserves praise: the selection and use of music, lighting and the work of the actors. Nothing is obvious in this piece: everything relies on suggestion – a...
  • 08/2003

    Talking theatrical genres


    How have they done it? What was the starting point? Was a script actually written in advance as part of the process or has the material been created day by day, in rehearsals? Whatever the...
  • 06/2023

    A great duo

    La Vanguardia

    Joan Antoni Benach

    Playing with objects to explain changes in the action and the pressure of current events provides a wonderful lesson in imagination and flexibility on stage. Highly recommended.